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Why Pawesome Plates?

Our Approach

Imagine your children eating cereal - every meal - for rest of their lives. We were deeply disturbed when we learned about the fillers and chemicals that go into commercial pet food that majority of us are feeding our dogs. We shouldn't be the only one eating healthy food. Our goal is to make sure that our dogs are being fed the most nutrient rich food, to keep them healthy and live a long, vibrant life. 

Nature's Intended Diet

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Fresh & Healthy | BETTER FOR THEM

Everything is made fresh to order every week. We inspect every ingredient and if it doesn't meet our standards, it doesn't make it into your pet's plate


Meals are delivered just days after they were freshly prepared. Store in your fridge or freezer until you're ready to serve.

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Pawesome Plates – Chicken Recipe (For Dogs)

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Health Benefits of Pawesome Plates

There are many benefits of switching to winning recipe of Pawesome Plates; compare to dry kibble diet which is full of processed ingredients and lack nutrition essential for your dog or cat to thrive.

1. Shiny Coat, Smooth Skin, Less Hair Loss

2. Boosted Immune System 

3. ​Toned Muscles​

4. Less Frequent, Less Smelly and Much Smaller Poop!

"Eazy looks forward to meal time"


Area We Serve

Get fresh food conveniently delivered with our personalized meal plans. ​We are based in Michigan but proud to serve all over USA and Canada.